Neck-up, down, ALL around

This fall semester students really hit the ground running during “Neckdown” Week! There was so much to do, and so much done by the new crowd. On Morrisette campus, the RS Farm had helpers weeding, harvesting, and giving the crops some extra attention. The Great Hall got a fresh coat of paint, and the Fabrication Pavilion was emptied, cleaned, and reorganized to get ready for the new year.

Elsewhere in Newbern and Uniontown, even more painting! The town tornado shelter was thoroughly cleaned and repainted, and it looks better than ever. And after a new coat of paint, the Newbern Playground is now home to the official biggest pencil in West Alabama! In Uniontown, the C.H.O.I.C.E. House was getting final touch-ups as the team pushed to their finish line.

The week’s most important task was relocating all of our studio equipment from Newbern to Greensboro. This semester will be the first in a beautiful new studio building while Red Barn gets some updates. That means desks, computers, EVERYTHING was loaded up and taken out! Students and staff all pitched in to get the new studio ready for presentations, with pin-up boards hung and furniture arranged.

Of course, the week ended with a celebratory catfish lunch.

students and staff eating lunch

Everyone is excited to settle in as our 30th year of work begins! Stay tuned this fall to see 5th-year workshops, 3rd-year progress on Rosie’s Home, and leftovers getting in the ground for the RS Bathhouse and 18×18 House!